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For the 2021 MBL Fall League and 2022 MBL/MBT seasons, MBL/MBT will allow the use of both USA and USSSA approved stamped bats in our leagues as well as in tournament play. The decision is in part to simplify the rules and regulations in both league and tournament play in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

The following bat regulations will be in place:

  • 9-11 year old's - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 5/8" or 2 3/4"  with UNLIMITED weight differential and a USSSA or USA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards.
  • 12-13 year old's - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 1/4" or less with UNLIMITED weight differential and a USSSA or USA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards.
  • 12-13 year old's - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 1/2", 2 5/8", or 2 3/4" barrel with minus 10 weight differential and a USSSA or USA mark and meet Bat Performance Standards.
  • 14 year old's -    Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 3/4" or less barrel with  maximum minus 5 weight differential with USSSA or USA mark and   meet  Bat Performance Standards. (This includes 14/15A Division)
  • 15 year old's - Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 5/8" or less with a minus 3 weight differential and be BBCOR approved. 


2022 Metro Baseball Age Rules

Players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before May 1, 2022.  It is permissible for a player to play up from their designated age division, but they may not play down.  For example, a 10 year old may play in the 11 year old division, but an 11 year old may NOT play in the 10 year old division. *If you try-out for a higher age division, or are placed on a team on a higher age division, you are no longer eligible to go back to your current age level. There are no exceptions to this rule.

* The CBA Board of Directors along with the HS Varsity Coaching staff strongly encourages playing with your current grade level.

2022 9U-12U MBL Teams 
Team assignments are now final and posted below

Chaska Travel & Tournament Program Description

Chaska Travel Baseball is for those individuals who exhibit a higher commitment to developing their Baseball skills while competing at a higher level. It requires greater commitment, in that each participant is expected to attend all practices and weekend tournaments. Players will practice 1-2 times per week and will have league games 2 times per week. Each team also plays in 3-4 state qualifier tournaments (with travel) attempting to earn a berth in 2 state tournaments. Parents are expected to be involved in fundraising and volunteering at various events. The goal of Chaska Metro Traveling Baseball is to develop skills, confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork and to have fun.

Chaska Travel Baseball is a member of the Metro Baseball League and is offered in grades 3 through 8. Traveling Baseball brings more focus on competition and skill development. Metro teams are formed of our best players to compete with the best players from other communities in the area. Two to four teams will be formed per grade with an AAA-AA-A format with twelve players per team. Teams are formed according to age guidelines set by the Metro Baseball League (rules found at the following website…
An independent group chosen by the Chaska Baseball Association Executive Board will conducts tryouts and is responsible for evaluations

Program Goals:

1.  Emphasize a higher level of competitiveness.
2.  Teach individual skills.
3.  Focus on development of team concepts and ideals.
4.  Teach players to be respectful to each other, opponents, umpires and the game.
5.  Learn to win or lose with class and good sportsmanship and represent the organization as such.
6.  Develop players and teams with the ability to compete at the top level.
7.  Develop future varsity Baseball players.
8.  Foster an environment that teaches and stresses the importance of the team over individual players.
9.  Facilitate an environment where each team member feels they serve an important role on his team.


David Verduzco

Travel Baseball Director

Eric Welter

Player Development Director

Metro Baseball League Website

Our travel teams are governed by the rules and regulations of the Metro Baseball League. Click here to go to the MBL website.


Volunteer Opportunities

There will be several volunteer opportunities offered throughout the baseball season, which all can be found and must be managed through our online DIBS portal. Below is a list of common volunteer options and how to claim them. 

1.  Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager:
There are only 3  adults per team that can have these titles.  If you are chosen as one of the 3 adults, you will receive enough credits to cover 2 children worth of volunteer time.  Your volunteer check will be shredded for up to 2 children. 

2.  Evaluation/Expo Volunteer:
There will be several volunteer opportunities available in April for our Youth Evaluation and Expo day.  Volunteer shifts will continue to be posted and updated as we need assistance.  Remember, each child registered needs 3 Volunteer Shifts for the season.  To complete your volunteer hours on this day, you would need to volunteer for 3 time slots per child.  You can find these available on the "Dibs" Tab at the top of the Chaska Baseball Website.

3.  Concession Stand Volunteer:
Concession will likely return in 2022! There will be  several volunteer opportunities throughout the baseball season to work at our concession stands.  This is not a money maker for our league, however, it is a service we provide to parents and children who may not have enough time to get water, sports drinks, or even dinner before or after the game.  You can find these available on the "Dibs" Tab at the top of the Chaska Baseball Website.

4. Other:
Opportunities to volunteer also include helping with travel baseball tryouts, field cleanup day(s), special events, VFW Burger Night, development sessions/camps and Board membership.

5.  Cubs: 
We are partnered with the Chaska Cubs, and with our leagues ongoing support of each other, we are committed to have each team within our organization work concessions at one of the home games at Athletic Park. This is a very easy, but regarding and fun experience for team bonding, adult interaction, and the kids to have a blast!  (note: this volunteer shift DOES NOT count towards the required 3-shifts. It is incremental).

A HUGE and sincere "thank you" to our volunteers. We simply could not run this program without your support and dedication!

Weather Policy

Cancellations Due To Weather

Current day weather cancellations will be posted on the Chaska Baseball Association home page around 4:00 PM (if the city closes the fields).  We will send a mass email out to the entire association as well.

After 4:00 PM if the city of Chaska has not closed fields, it is up to the coaches/umpire to determine if the practice/game should be held.

Coaches can use their team page to send an email to their teams if necessary. If no notification is sent out, assume the practice or game is still on.